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Hypnosis for Health Concerns

Hypnosis for health concerns

​Hypnosis allows for you to access the subconscious, the higher part of you that knows what is best. Imagery and visualization is an important part of how this is accomplished.  It is very important for the client to just relax and let go. It is almost as though you are going into a dream like state. By doing so, you have the ability to rewrite your subconscious by telling it exactly what you would like it to know and do.


The reason why Quantum Healing Hypnosis is different and more powerful than most types of hypnosis techniques is because your higher self is in control. It is not just the practitioner who is giving instruction to your subconscious but rather your higher self is telling you what is best for you, why you have the limitations that you do and how you need to go about healing them. This is powerful as it is address' emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blockages to your weight loss. Post hypnotic suggestions can be given after the session to encourage the client to continue on this journey of weight loss, healthy eating, exercise and overall healthy lifestyle

The other option that Quantum Healing Hypnosis gives you is the choice to access your past lives. Past life regression could give you the answers as to why you might have come into this life with extra weight or why it is hard to release it. Hypnotherapy offers subconscious mind healing which can be done almost immediately or the days following. It is really up to what your subconscious thinks is best for you.

Each client prior to their session will come with a list of 20 questions typed. The hypnosis practitioner will then ask the questions to the client’s higher self. The client should also try to prepare as much as possible by doing meditations and visualizations prior to their appointment. This helps the client to prepare to be hypnotized.

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