Lunch and Learn



Our Lunch and Learn Program focuses on both learning and growth in an interactive atmosphere. Employees are encouraged to comment and ask questions about the various programs we provide for improving their health and wellbeing.

These meetings generate an atmosphere for teaching and inquiry which ultimately facilitates the development of a plan for each individual. This knowledge empowers the individual to take charge of their own health plan.


Quick & Simple Meal Plans 

Quantum Healing Discoveries offers your employees an easy and nutritious approach to cooking and eating well. Our goal is to make meal planning simple and affordable while taking into consideration the busy lifestyle of each individual. We offer group classes with our personal chef, as well as private lessons, including meal preparation, with our chef.


Juicing & Smoothie Classes


Quantum Healing Discoveries educates on the benefits of Juicing and Smoothies which are valuable tools for rebuilding your health. Consistently drinking juicing/smoothies can boost your metabolism which will allow your body to heal itself. You will learn how to blend delicious beverages in order to maximize their nutritional and cleansing value.


Nutrient Dense Foods


Quantum Healing Discoveries believes that we are interconnected with nature and eating whole, nutrient rich foods that our bodies can identify, will, in turn, create an autoimmune response and the body will heal itself. By helping our clients understand that by incorporating these foods into their daily regimen and eliminating toxic “food” that causes inflammation, people feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Each organ in the body is a part of a complex synergistic system.  By working with the body as a complete, interconnected system, rather than treating just the symptoms, our clients begin to see dramatic changes for the better.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food. -Hippocrates.

Mind and Body


Nourishing the mind is just as important as nourishing the body. Disciplined eating and regular exercise play a huge part in maintaining optimal brain health that will result in heightened mood levels and proper sleep patterns. Exercise eliminates toxins and elevates endorphins.  We understand that this can be very challenging and difficult to achieve with everyday stressors and obligations. This is why we work with our clients to overcome their obstacles and encourage them to meet their goals. Remember, this is not a “diet” but a lifestyle change.  Every aspect of life can be improved by changing what goes into your body. The effects are dramatic and it is just that simple!

Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling

Working Together


We address each client’s individual needs to help establish balance in their lives. Balance is the key to developing a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We also assist our clients to help reduce stress and develop healthy sleeping habits.  By listening to their needs and by working together to meet their goals, health can be restored.

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