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The Center for Food Safety - Advocacy group challenging harmful food production practices


Truth in Labeling -Find out what foods contain MSG


Food Facts - Find out what’s in your food


Fooducate - Rate the nutritional quality of your food choices


Allergy Kids - Food allergy information


Seafood Watch - Find out what seafood is safe and sustainable to eat and purchase











Cornucopia Institute- Shopping guides for carrageenan, cereal, egg, dairy, soy and hexane


EWG Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce - Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen Lists


Organic Consumers Association - Advocacy group for food safety, organic farming and environmental sustainability


NOFA – Northeast Organic Farming Association


Food Democracy Now - Advocacy group


Living Maxwell - Guide to organic food and drinks


Organic Authority - Dedicated source of all things organic








EWG Cosmetics Database - Safety rating tool for cosmetics and personal care products


No More Dirty Looks


100% Pure








Organic Beauty Recipes









Gerson Institute


Dr. Burzynski Clinic











Dr. Hyman


Hippocrates Institute


Dr. Weston Price


Dr. Perlmutter


Bruce Lipton


Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride


Dr. Christiane Northrup


Joyous Health


Kimberly Snyder


Dr. Mercola


Dr. T. Colin Campbell


Dr. Caldwell B. Esselsty


Natural News









Robyn O’Brien 


100 Days of Real Food


Kris Carr


Food Renegade


The Juice Lady


My New Roots


Deliciously Organic


Green Kitchen Stories


Sprouted Kitchen


101 Cookbooks


Bruce Bradley


Green Lemonade -Juicing


Evolution Salt-Himilayan Salt


tropical traditions

paleo leap










Abraham (Ester Hicks)


Dr. Wayne Dyer


Louise HAy


The Work


Tapping Solution







Ingredients and Safety Sites
Organic Food Sites
Cosmetics, Hair Care and Body Care
Nutrition Experts and Doctors
Motivational and Tapping Sites
Cancer Specific Sites
Real Food Blogs & Websites
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