30 Day Spiritual Challenge

So my family, friends and I are doing a 30-day spiritual challenge, suggested by my sister. At first, I went into it knowing I “should” do this, but not because I really wanted to at that moment. I believed in the concept, as I have read much on the topic but felt I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it like I should. I have practiced many motivational techniques in the past yet unfortunately I was never consistent. The times I had done it though, I had seen amazing results, so I knew I should really focus on making this a priority, if I wanted this to positively impact my life.

The first few days I did a few of the techniques on the list but interestingly enough as the days became weeks, I began to really want to listen more, educate others and demonstrate in my daily life what I am learning. I have now turned so many friends and clients onto this life-altering way of thinking and have watched their lives unfold peacefully as a result. I have actually become quite obsessed with it now, lol, as my whole life is changing for the better in such a short amount of time. It has made me feel so good, as well as has brought up so many interesting emotions within me that I have buried so deeply.

One sun salutation a day (yoga) or stretching Talk to the part of my body that needs a little love Be one with your surroundings and open your heart and lungs Music – piano playing Smile and say hello to a stranger; especially if they aren't smiling Tell yourself that you are awesome and then don't forget to be awesome Gratitude (3 things per day) Exercise/swimming Sunlight Meditation Grounding EFT - tapping Gardening Cooking (for enjoyment) Random acts of kindness (emails, cards, hugs, kisses) The Shift movie Journaling Audio cds, Youtube, Videos/movies, Books of: Brene Brown Wayne Dyer Bruce Lipton Louise Hay Abraham Hicks Ted Talks Depok Chopra Buddhist mindfulness Law of Attraction

Along with this challenge my family and I as well as some friends, are reading a book on the “Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. The premise of the book is to know that it is ok to not be perfect and to be vulnerable with who you are. We have been taught in our society, to always be strong with the misbelief that you should not show your imperfections, as you would be considered “weak”. The greatest gift that I have learned so far, is that it is ok to be vulnerable and to express your emotions. We are all one, so by uniting, letting down your guard and letting others in, is only when you will be able to strengthen at your inner core.

The part I have loved most about the 30day spiritual challenge, is Tapping. Tapping is one of the techniques in the 30day challenge and it is similar, using the same meridians as acupuncture. You literally take your fingers and tap on different pressure points in the body. By doing so, it releases negative energies you have held onto while bringing in positive ones. There is much science to back up this method. You can visit… if you would like to learn more. I have chosen not to get into the science in this blog but will in the future. All I will say is that it directly affects the fight or flight response which positively changes your reaction to situations.

Our emotions can either hinder us or help us grow and only by addressing these negative emotions will you see a transformation that will literally change your life. I do not take that statement lightly. We have been taught to talk about our emotions with a psychologist or psychiatrist, only to bring up unwanted emotions that most of the time doesn’t help and most of the time hurts us more. (I am sure my sister will love this sentence, as this is her career path, lol) Many psychologist are now using this in their practice as they are seeing such amazing results with their clients. With tapping you will bring up an emotion and a negative situation but because of what tapping physically and chemically does to the body, the emotion is most of the time immediately released. It may take a few times depending on the severity of the emotion but it can happen instantaneously. I believe in this method so much as I have not only personally seen positive emotional changes but physical ones as well. Since our body is interconnected, every emotion we feel has a direct impact on our physical being. There is much research on how each emotion can cause distress to organs in your body. Here is a great site on how you can begin to understand your body as it relates to emotions. ……………..

I want each and every one of you to take a moment, be vulnerable and become in tune with your emotions. Remember you are not your emotions. You have the ability to release what is stopping you from living the life you truly desire. There can be emotions from your past that you “think” don’t impact you any longer, but what I have found from my experience is we bury them so deep that we think we are “fine” when we are not. And that’s ok. Experience, feel it, embrace it, be one with it, and then release it, only then will you grow and become everything you have ever dreamed of being. Remember every time you use the word, “ I Am” it is very powerful. It is an affirmation whether you are using it positively or negatively. Be aware how you use that about yourself. Just those two words and how you use them, can be the beginning of a new and abundant future for you. I AM AWESOME!!

I have written a few of my emotions down, so I can become vulnerable with you. I want you to know, its ok to feel what you feel and share your vulnerabilities as I can bet others have gone through similar emotions. If you decide to participate in the challenge, I would suggest in the beginning to try it out yourself before sharing it with others. The only reason I suggest that, is because if you have someone that does not share in this concept, I wouldn’t want you to be deterred from experiencing this amazing change. This is free, easy, and will open your world to all kinds of possibilities, if you allow and embrace it. Please join me in feeling amazing and throwing out the garbage!

I don’t stop until I have the answers. I am determined. I am a fighter. I think outside the box. I am different. I am compassionate and have a true desire to help others. I am driven and dedicated to help people and animals. I find pleasure and joy, seeing that people’s health improve. I am generous and would give the shirt off of my back to help another in need. I am thankful. I always give thanks. I am a dreamer and a doer. I am working on loving me for me with all of my imperfections. I am scared of what lies ahead yet thankful for all the mysteries life has to offer. I hate life’s rollercoaster yet understand after lessons are learned, why I had to take that ride. I am creative, intrigued, and question everything. I have insecurities that I am now working on daily. I am hopeful and determined that I will make a positive change in many lives, physically mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

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