How Relationships Effect Your Health

Why it is Important to Have Successful Relationships

Individuals and their relationships are unique, each with different requirements for fulfillment. Relationships are also fundamental in human nature. We all require love, communication, touch, respect, stability, trust and understanding just to name a few. Regardless of the type of relationship or who you are, we each thrive physically emotionally, spiritually and mentally having peaceful and successful relationships.

Since a relationship also has the ability to impact our mind, body and soul in either a positive or negative affect, it is important to really work hard at enjoying relationships rather than destroying them. Healthy relationships can raise your endorphin levels that can brighten your mood, lift your spirit and improve your health. Unfortunately unhealthy relationships can do more damage to your mental, physical and emotional health than you can imagine. Your stress levels will rise, which can raise blood pressure, cause heart attacks, depression, anxiety, sadness, anger amongst a whole host of other health issues. Affairs of the heart affect the mind just as affairs of the mind will affect the heart. To understand this better, we are all interconnected when one piece of us is hurt it affects us on a whole. This is why it is so important to surround ourselves with positive people and to continuously work on the beautiful relationships that we are blessed with. I understand that it is not always easy and it does take a lot of work but when you really get to know yourself and the people in your life, you can have much more fulfilling relationships.

People come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime, some by choice and some because it was just meant to be. Either way they are here to teach us something that is invaluable and will affect the rest of our lives. I myself have been blessed to have very long relationships in my life. I am by no means saying that this is always easy to hold on to because it hasn’t but it has been sure with it. They have become my foundation, giving me stability and strength I need to survive. Unfortunately there have been other relationships that have only come into my life for reason or season but regardless of the timeframe that have all taught me different lessons. that I have now apply today in my everyday life. Without all my relationships regardless of the type, I wouldn’t be who I am today if they weren’t here.

Gary Chapman, author of the Five Love Languages explains, that each person has something called a “love language” which is what each unique person “needs” in order feel that they are receiving what they “need” out of the relationship. Understanding what the other person’s “love language” is will better assist you in having healthier and happier relationships. Below are the five love languages with a basic understanding of each one.

The Five Love Languages –

“The problem is that we have overlooked one fundamental truth People speak different love languages”–Gary Chapman

Words of Affirmation-Consistently showing the individual appreciation for things they have done, even it is small are powerful communicators of love and will do wonders for your relationship. Everybody likes to feel like what they have done matters but to some people this is more than just nice to hear, this is their “love language.” What I have learned is, it is not only important thanking someone for the big and small things but also important to give thanks for things that are their “responsibility. It is gratifying to hear and they will be more willing to want “help” out the next time. When we receive words of affirmations we are far more likely to be motivated to reciprocate. Encouraging, is another aspect to this “love language” which means “inspire to courage.” We are all insecure at times so believing in the person in your relationship by constantly showing support and by being their biggest fan will give them the confidence they so desperately need.

Receiving Gifts- Giving gifts is a universal way of showing people that you care which is something that has been carried on for hundreds of years by many cultures. The gift of self, a gift that was hand made or bought are all ways of showing love. It doesn’t matter if the gift cost money it is the idea that you thought of that person that matters. The gift of self is more priceless than the gift itself.

Physical Touch-It is human nature to want to be touched and loved. It is an essential biological need within each one of us. There have been studies with primates showing the damage done by withdrawing physical touch that is why this is so important. Touching your partner by running your fingers through her hair, touching his cheek, holding hands or putting your arms around each other can bring a sense of safety and comfort to the person in your relationship.

Quality of Time-Being there and giving the individual 100% of you, no interruptions, just your undivided attention is the definition of quality time. This could mean different things to different people though. One couple could enjoy just knowing you are there or another could appreciate knowing that something special was planned for just the two of you. One could also enjoy absolute silence while another a deep conversation. Either way, just being there for one another is the most important thing.

Acts of Service-Offering your assistance as well as being reliable will build a foundation in your relationship. It will show the person that he/she can truly count of you during the good times and bad. An example of this is asking the individual what you can do to help that can take the stress off of what he/she might be feeling. The offering of yourself is also a selfless act that will build trust and respect in your relationship.

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