My Journey to Organic Living

I made a decision in January of 2012, once I learned the dangers of GMO's, I would vow never to consume any food or put any product on my body that contained them. It was very challenging in the beginning, because I didn't even know where to start. I watched a video called "Genetic Roulette", which was a very detailed insight into what GMO's are and what they do to your body. (I would suggest this movie to anyone who is interested in learning of these dangers.)



I then cleaned out my pantry and refrigerator of all items that contained any suspicious ingredients including but not limited to GMOs. I called and emailed companies producing these products and asked them if their product was Genetically Modified. Their typical response was that they could not "confirm nor deny" the presence of GMO's. I was appalled that a company could not be honest. I then decided to call the managers of the grocery stores where I purchased the products to see if they had knowledge of GMO's in their products; they did not. I educated them on its dangers and asked them if I could return my food. Surprisingly, each store agreed and set up my own lane. They even let me return open items. I ended up receiving a total of $600 and was able to have money to start my new venture into organic living!

My pantry was now empty and I had no idea where to begin. Thank God for my family, because we each started learning how and where to replace our food. Having been raised to eat "real food" from the earth, not a box, it was quite a shock to learn that my "healthy" food was not so healthy after all.

My sister and I were also raised to appreciate the value of a dollar. I know that money is tight for everyone now and I know adding organics to the mix only can add to the financial stress. One of my goals now is to not only teach people about organic living but ways to afford it. With today's busy lifestyles, it is also important to use your time wisely. During the last two years, I have made it my mission to come up with great ways to save you time and money in the process.

Depending on your location depends on what organic options are available to you. The stores in my area that have the most organic options for the best prices is Costco. Costco has made it their mission to provide the most choices that are very reasonably priced. Each week I shop there, I am more and more impressed with new items they have on the shelves. Most of my weekly purchases are from Costco but my produce I buy from farmers markets such as Bedners and/or Boys. I trust Bedners and Boys as I have spoken with the owner and farming practices they abide by. None of food that is from Bedners farm itself uses GMO or use any type of pesticide. They apply Neem oil that is a natural insecticide and is not harmful to humans. I do not buy f

Living organically is much more than just eating healthy food, it’s about living each day to the fullest and being thankful for all that you have. I will also educate you on the principals and guidelines that I use, so you too can live a life that is filled with health, peace, abundance and love. I will also be educating you on the dangers of the food supply controversial subjects, while at the same time reminding you that peace still exists in this world and how we have the power to change it, Knowledge is key so you don’t live in the dark.

I would love to hear your opinions, suggestions or any thoughts you have on how we can together educate each other on living a happier and healthier life!

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My passion in life now, is to help you "Live Organically and Save Wisely!"

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